Street Pictures around Old Town and El Centro

The streets around Old Town and El Centro are mostly cobblestone and I love the rustic vibe these areas carry with them. The light casts wonderful shadows on the buildings and I carry my iPhone to capture these beautiful street views. Most of my pictures now are from my iPhone as it’s handy to carry rather than a big camera around my neck or shoulder.



Always carry your camera or smart phone, you never know when a picture perfect moment may arise.


Delicious Pizza at 116 Pulpito Gastro Bar in Old Town Puerto Vallarta

Ok, I have to say my new favourite restaurant in Old Town, Puerto Vallarta is 116 Pulpito Gastro Bar (you can find them on Facebook). With a location nestled right in the heart of Zona Romantica, this little restaurant serves up delicious tapas and pizza, not to mention great service too. Small and cozy, the little gastro bar seats about 15 inside and then double outside. The walls are an eclectic grey, black and white mexican tile and the bar has seating if you prefer over the tables. I enjoy sitting outside on the patio where I can watch people coming back from the beach or listening to the live music that sometimes is present.

Cervezas to start.

Cervezas to start.

Holly and I decided to hit the gastro bar for our dinner during our stay over Easter. First, we found our spot on the patio and ordered up some Sol cervezas. We were pleasantly surprised to have some complimentary hummus and bread sticks!

Hummus and break sticks.

Hummus and break sticks.

Our next course we ordered were some tempura and a waldorf salad. Both were excellent.

Spinach, apple, pecans and blue cheese...I think. Tasty anyway!

Spinach, apple, pecans and blue cheese…I think. Tasty anyway!

Vegetable tempura

Vegetable tempura

The pizzas are all made to order where you pick your toppings. I don’t recall exactly what we ordered on ours, salami, black olives and basil I think it was. Anyway, as you can see it looked amazing….and tasted just as good as it looked. We were pretty full so we boxed up half to have for the lunch the next day.

And the pizza, what we came for. Thin crust with cheese, salami, black olives and basil. Delicious!

My iPhone distorted Holly a little here. But here is the pizza…thin crust with cheese, salami, black olives and basil. Delicious! 

I love this little place and will return again and again. Although, I have to say I wasn’t impressed the very first time I went. The gastro bar had just opened and I’m not quite sure what it was. Victor, on the other hand, quite liked it and I’m glad he had us return.

Condo in Selva Romantica

Our condo in Puerto Vallarta is situated in Zona Romantica, right in the heart of old town. As we arrived a few days ago already, we have had time to settle in and start to relax. All around us are restaurants, lounges and bars, not to mention being just a block up from the ocean too.



A you come up to the complex you will find plush tropical flora and a welcoming gate. Once inside, it really is a tropical paradise. The grounds are lush and the infinity pool is the icing on the cake. This morning, I went for a 30 min power walk on the treadmill in the gym that overlooks the entire bay area. People already were heading to the pool area to have their morning coffee or check emails. That being said, it’s time to shower and start my day.




For now I will post pictures of the grounds but I intend to write more about the condo so check back for updates.