Free wifi on the malecon

Over Christmas we had the chance to be at our condo and I was able to do some research for my blog. One of the things on my list was to test the free wifi that is now along the newly renovated malecon. So one day, we threw the iPhone into our bag and headed down for a walk. The malecon is full of sights, artwork, people, shopping and restaurants. Actually, I was also searching for some new havianas flip flops but was unable to find my size…not surprising since I am a size 12.
Anyway, I pulled out the iphone to test the wifi and found it did work…but not until I reached the main stage area where the arches are which is also by the dolphin statue. But regardless, it worked. Perfect for anyone who wants to gaze out over the ocean and maybe facetalk, skype or email friends and family.