Semana Santa

Semana Santa (Holy Week) is here in Mexico and people flock from the interior to celebrate in Puerto Vallarta. It’s a time of celebrations, festivals and good times by all. Many families set up camp on the beach, lugging their coolers full of food and drinks. The malecon is full in the evenings with concerts and street performers. As well, lots of stands are selling their food and goods.


Last night I met my family, who is staying in the hotel zone, down on the newly renovated malecon for dinner. We ended up walking around the main square, I showed them some sights and then we continued on along the ocean. It was a beautiful night and many people were out enjoying the early evening. I have never seen that many people in the malecon before.


One of these times I’m going to buy a cup of corn or a mango on a stick. They look so good. But we saw stands that were selling fresh fruit and veggies, sweet good like pastries and flan, and also shrimp or fish on a stick. So many things to eat! I we hadn’t of gone for dinner we would have just ate at one of those stands. Maybe tonight we will go back.