Private Boat to Los Arcos Islands and Ocean Grill Restaurant

For Mikhails birthday we decided to make a reservation at Ocean Grill down by Boca de Tomatlan. To get to Ocean Grill one can get there either by bus to Boca de Tomatlan then water taxi or hike, or one can take a water taxi directly from the pier on Los Muertos beach to Ocean Grill.

In December, Victor and friends decided to hire a personal charter boat to take them to Ocean Grill and it included a tour around the Los Arcos islands. We decided this is what we would like to do again, as only Victor had done this before and it would be a nice day trip for all.

We left the condo and walked down to the pier as that is where the water taxi and private boats are. A fellow came up to us who sounded like a ticket agent type of guy, telling us the prices of a water taxi and a private charter. I can’t quite remember, I seem to recall the water taxi was around 250 pesos each and a private charter was about 3000 pesos. But, with Victors excellent bartering skills we managed to get the private charter for 1500 pesos! Perfect!


Getting in and out of a boat is so much nicer with the new pier. Before you had to scramble into it off the beach, getting wet, your shoes full of water and sand, your legs splayed out into the splits if you didn’t time it right…it was a struggle even for the healthy and fit people. But now, you just hop off the end of the pier into the boat. It’s so much better for everyone.

The ride was so pleasant, the weather was beautiful and the water not very choppy. It was a great day to be on the ocean. The driver spoke a little English and would point out different sights along the coast. We even saw a turtle or two come up for air! I didn’t get a picture of one, but it’s wonderful seeing the condos and beaches along the way to the islands.


As we got close to Los Arcos, the driver slowed down so we could take some pictures. A lot of other boats were around the islands as this is a big attraction and also a great area for snorkelling. We pulled up and saw some beautiful fish swimming around which was great for the snorkelers. Then after, the driver took us through one of the biggest islands, right through the underside of it! This was awesome, I had always wanted to see the Los Arcos islands up close and I’m so happy we hired the private charter. And even happier Victor managed to get us a great price too.



After the islands, the driver took us to our destination and picked us up later at a determined time as we asked. I’ll post later about the rest of the trip, but for now I’ll sign off by saying if you have a group of people and want a day excursion, try to get a private boat as it is well worth the money for not much more than a water taxi.


Water taxi ride


Denise on the water taxi as we are heading to Ocean Grill outside of Boca de Tomatlan. Water taxi’s are an excellent and inexpensive mode of transportation to get somewhere fast. And it’s fun! But the truth is, this water taxi is free as it goes to the restaurant only.