Manuel Lepe on the malecon

Yesterday I finally downloaded my pics onto my computer and saw another piece by Manuel Lepe that I snapped while on the malecon. If I remember correctly, its along the seawall near the dolphin statue and is not very big so it’s easily missed. For me, it embodies my feelings of Puerto Vallarta.



Tribute to Manuel Lepe


Stained glass installation tribute of La Ronda by Manuel Lepe

Stained glass installation tribute of La Ronda by Manuel Lepe

 Next time you are near Vallarta’s Main Plaza, check out the stained glass installation at the entrance to Plaza Vallarta. This colorful masterpiece was created by Glass Gallery M owner Mariano Perez Vivanco as a tribute to the late Vallartan painter Manuel Lepe, reinterpreting the painting called “La Ronda”. Selected by UNICEF in 1979 to promote the rights of children, “La Ronda” has an important place in history which Perez Vivanco could not resist translating into his artistic medium of choice. The stained-glass piece was created by a team of 12 and took approximately three months to complete.

Manuel Lepe, a native to Peurto Vallarta, was born on April 17, 1936. Lepe was the creator of the naïf style which is referred to as Vallarta Art. According to his daughter Marcela, Lepe’s fun and colorful pictures that seemed almost childlike was a reflection of her father’s personality. His paintings capture the essence of Vallarta and copies of his work can be seen everywhere around Vallarta.