Las Caletas

Our friends, who live in Vallarta 6 months of year, highly recommended we do this half day trip to Las Caletas with Vallarta Adventures. The tour itself is called LAS CALETAS BEACH HIDEAWAY and is a half day exclusion located about 45 minutes south of Vallarta.


Interesting enough, Las Caletas was once the private home of Hollywood producer John Houston. He considered the place one of the most beautiful places in the world! Vallarta Adventures now has the place as their own exclusive beach hideaway and added amenities without losing its natural charm. There are many activities for everyone. You can snorkel or kayak, find a secluded spot and lay in a hammock, go to the spa for a massage…it really is paradise. There are even classes for kids like pottery making and nature walks or a cooking class for the adults.

Now I usually shy away from orchestrated events and tours like this but our friends, who also like to forge their own path, highly recommended it so I knew it was going to be special. We met our friends early and caught the bus to where the hotel zone where the big cruise ships dock. After paying a fee and going through a small security check, due to all the cruise ships, we headed to our spot to catch the catamaran. There are two stops, one in nouveau Vallarta and one at the cruise ship docks.


The ride into Las Caletas was enjoyable and scenic. Coffee, juice and breakfast muffins were supplied and then the crew proceeded on some live entertainment. Great for the kids!


Once we arrived, it was quite a show. Parrots circled the boat, beautiful fish came up and ate some food thrown by the crew, staff waving from the shore…it was quite spectacular. Once we docked, there was a welcome crew of guitar player and people dressed in traditional Mayan outfits. We made our way to the beach and snagged a cocktail on the way. Drinks and food are also included!



After getting our drinks, finding a chair and suiting up in our snorkel gear we headed into the ocean. Wow, the water was clear and there were a good number of fish to look at. It was a lot of fun! We stayed in pairs and swam over to some rocks closer to the dock where the fish were numerous. Our friend, Anne, decided to kayak instead and went off on her own. Kids also were standing up paddling or SUP as they call it. Lots of activities for everyone.


After our snorkel adventure, we grabbed a few more cocktails and snacks then relaxed for a little. Lunch was provided in a buffet style and again, it was incredible. We ate until we were stuffed, had another cocktail and then it was time to go and board the catamaran. My only complaint is I would have liked a couple more hours for a siesta in one of the many secluded hammocks after the feast.


As we waved goodbye to the staff on the beach, the party started on the catamaran. Drinks flowed, music started and everyone started dancing, it was a lot of fun and even the kids danced and whooped. The crew does a great job making sure everyone is having a good time and enjoying themselves.


All in all I highly recommend this tour. Las Caletas is beautiful and Vallarta Adventures puts on a spectacular show. At the same location, they also do the night show called Rhythms of the Night which also I’ve heard is excellent and is on our list of things to see. However, we will definitely be doing this tour again!