Old and New Pier at Los Muertos Beach

For anyone who has had the pleasure of hanging out at Los Muertos beach you will have remembered walking out on the pier and taking in the sunset. Well, as most of us know the pier has been removed in place of a new modern looking structure soon to be completed…I hope.

Los Muertos beach Pier

Another beautiful day in paradise

I was going through my old photos and fondly remembered sitting at C y C’s, sipping a margarita, while watching the pier full of fishermen casting their lines, children playing, and couples romantically holding hands. By the way, when the sun sets it is magical. The whole beach goes silent for a moment to watch this spectacular performance. People applaud, as if the sun put this show on specifically for us. What can I say, you have to see it. When I think of Vallarta its memories like this that come to mind. After all, my partner and I fell in love at Los Muertos beach so everything about it brings back a flood of memories.

Los Muertos beach pier at sunset

Watching the sunset

Now this new pier is going to be incredible I’m sure, the artist renderings prove it. Target date of completion was Februrary of this year but that has since been pushed back. Last I had read in Banderas News that it was not going to be completed till after March. However, I still recommend going to C y C’s, having a margarita and watching the sunset sans pier. The beauty is still there and with the new pier it will be just that more spectacular.

Artist rendering of new pier

Artist rendering of new pier, photo from Banderas News


Cuates y Cuetes, a first stop tradition

Heading to our condo in Puerto Vallarta is always exciting and we’ve developed a couple traditions. After we get to the condo and unpack, we change into our warm weather clothes and head to the beach 2 blocks down. Most often we arrive at nighttime so we are not going to swim but rather to Cuates y Cuetes for a margarita on the rocks and a bite to eat.

Mmm, margarita on the rocks

Cuates y Cuetes, or C & C’s as most people call it, is a modest eatery on the Malecon directly right of the pier on Los Muertos Beach. It’s a bar type restaurant that’s totally open and facing the ocean making it a perfect spot to watch the sunset in the evenings.

Watching the action

I highly recommend going there any time of the day to enjoy live music (evenings), watching the sunset or just people watching. We recently had the pleasure of meeting the owner too that is just adorable and a pleasure to talk to. So head on down, have a margarita on the rocks and just watch the world go by.

View of the ocean from the restaurant

Enjoy the view from the restaurant