Taste at Casa Cupula

So last April a friend and I were on the malecon at one of our favorite people watching places, having a margarita and staring out onto the ocean. All of a sudden I had a craving for a negroni and said “let’s go to Taste”. Now I had never been and didn’t even know if they served negroni’s but all I knew was at that moment I wanted a really good cocktail which isn’t served on the beach. For those that aren’t familiar with a Negroni, its a stiff martini with three equal parts gin, sweet vermouth and campari. Muy bien!

A negroni: gin, sweet vermouth, campari

Anyhoo, we jump in a cab not knowing really where it was but we had an address and that’s all that mattered. We took off down the highway heading to Conchas Chinas and then up a little hill to the left. You could walk from Los Muerto’s Beach it but it’s steep and I wouldn’t do it in flip flops. We pull up to the door to the hotel Casa Cupula and walk inside. The view is spectacular! A pleasant surprise! We sit down, order our drink and soak in the surroundings.
View of the sunset from the patio

After finishing up our negroni, we decide to stay for dinner and ordered some food. Taste’s menu is for sharing so we ordered a couple items and were blown away, it was delicious. In fact, a couple sitting next to us said it was their third time back and they were only in PV for 7 days! The prices are reasonable, the portions are a decent size and the service…the service is impeccable. Everyone was very nice, professional and friendly, not to mention knowledgeable. I quite enjoyed the music too, a nice funky sexy vibe. So all in all I recommend checking out this restaurant and hope you’ll enjoy it as much as we do.

One of the scrumptious dishes we enjoyed