Sayulita Day Trip

There are many excursions one can make in a day and if you have the time, I’d recommend heading north to a small town called Sayulita. This ┬ásmall little fishing village is 25 miles northwest of Vallarta and draws surfers from around the world with its clean waters and rolling waves.

Sayulita beach

There are many ways to get to Sayulita from Vallarta and the one we chose was by bus. Cheap and reliable, the bus will get you there and back for $25 pesos. If you catch the bus from the airport, cross over the highway using the pedestrian bridge and you’ll see the Compestela bus thats white and green. You’ll see the name Sayulita written on the windshield so it’s easy to locate. The bus ride takes about 45 minutes so once you’re on, sit back and relax.

Sayulita beach

To catch the bus back to Puerto Vallarta, head to the Salud Clinic located on the main road into Sayulita. Again, the bus ride is 25 pesos and about 45 minutes. They will drop you off at the major malls and if you want to get to Old Town just transfer onto a city bus for a fare of $5.50 pesos.

Do some shopping

Once in Sayulita you can head to the beach, maybe take a surf lesson, wander the streets and do some shopping or just relax and read a book. We didn’t know what to expect so we had some lunch and did some shopping before heading back to Vallarta. But I’d recommend bringing your swim trunks and a towel so you can go swimming.


Public transportation

Public transportation is an inexpensive way to get around, not to mention a great way to see Puerto Vallarta. They are very efficient and come by very frequently. At 6.5 pesos to go anywhere in Puerto Vallarta, I highly recommend taking some time to figure out the system.


Bus stops do have signs posted and are blue and white but also you’ll be able to tell its a stop as there will be a group of people waiting as well. On the front or side of a bus there will be a list of places that bus is going to like Walmart or Costco for instance.


When you see the bus you want to take, flag it down and don’t be shy. Make sure to have small bills or exact change only. The driver does have some change but it’s just easier if you have the exact amount. He will give you a little ticket that you can use to transfer or in case a security person comes along to make sure you paid as its your receipt too.


Now hang on for dear life! Haha. You’re going on an adventure now!