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As a new Puerto Vallarta condo owner, I thought it would be great to set up a blog listing places and events that I’ve found amusing, useful or just a good fact to know. But first let me tell you about myself and my history with this beautiful old fishing village that has now become a top tourist destination.

In 2004, my partner, our good friend and I packed up 10 days of shirts and shorts and boarded a plane bound for PV. As I had never been to Mexico, I was unsure of what to expect. Hearing only stories of bottomless tequila shots and party stories let’s just say my expectations were about the same. Boy was I mistaken! Because we were lucky to stay at an acquaintance’s condo in Old Town, we bypassed the drunken all night binges and aquasize pool sessions only to really immerse ourselves in the day to day life of the locals.

Mind you, Old Town still has the tourist traps and high prices but it also has places that truly are authentic. From places like Momma’s Kitchen (as we called it) where an elderly lady opens her kitchen as a restaurant during the day to the Fruit Market found in one of the back streets filled with fresh local produce. One can really submerge themselves in the laid back Mexican way of life if they choose.

2004: First time pv'er....hence the fake tatoo and extra large margarita.

Don’t get me wrong, that first trip we headed down to the beach everyday to drink copious amount of margarita’s on the rocks and buy every chachka that came our way. It was fun and good to get it out of our system. I highly recommend a day or two of people watching on the malecon, buying a silver bracelet or tablecloth from a vendor, have a few margaritas’s and watch the sunset. You can meet some great people from all over.

So here we are in 2012 owning our little piece of paradise. After brainstorming with my sister about future career paths, she suggested I start a blog about Puerto Vallarta since that’s all I seemed to talk about these days. What a great idea! I thought this would be great from a part time resident’s, very part time right now by the way, point of view. I’d blog about all the fabulous places, events, restaurants and helpful tidbits of information and also have a fun time doing it too.

Thank you for taking the time to read my blog and keep checking back for updates!

Hasta luego,

2011 in a more decent outfit.


4 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Hi Terry,
    I came across your condo website while googling Lepe Gallery in Vallarta and spent some delightful moments viewing all of your photos. I first started going there in 1965 and have been numerous times, although not since the early 90’s. It was fun to see how the town has grown. The mother of a friend of ours lived in Gringo Gulch just across the street from Elizabeth and Richard’s famous love nest. Her name was Liz, also, and she was a familiar sight around PV in her dilapidated orange Karman Ghia. In fact, many thought of her as the real “Liz” of Puerto Vallarta. Fun memories! Back then, the Oceano Hotel was popular for ceviche and margaritas and Las Palapas was the place for hanging out on the beach. One day, a young man came running down the beach with a HUGE iguana on a leash. Needless to say, we all scattered! Vendors used to walk the beach selling chile corn on a stick which they roasted over hot coconut fires.

    I have bookmarked your condo and if I can ever manage to return, I would love to stay there. I’m 72 now and not quite as affluent as back then…or as cute in a bikini, but who knows, I may still rise again like the proverbial Phoenix.

    Thanks again for sharing your photos!


    • Thank you for your note Shelley. You make me laugh! Someone has purchased the famous “Love Nest” and is renovating both Liz and Richards homes. La Palapa is still one of my favorite beach hangouts, especially to watch the sunset. Well, if you do make it down to PV please let me know. It would be great to have a drink with you and hear more about PV how it was 30 years ago. Take care!

  2. Hi Terry – I came across your blog as I was looking for live music venues in Puerto Vallarta. I am an acoustic musician from Chicago and hoping to spend a few months in PV next winter. Got any more tips for places to pitch a performance? Bars, galleries, etc. I’ve done it all, just not in PV! 🙂 Thanks for any help you can offer. Hope you’re having fun living down there. Great blog and great photos! 🙂 Stolie

    • Hi Stolie, thanks for checking out my blog. There are so many venues that have singers and bands. Anything from small 20 seat lounges to full performance stages that house 100. I don’t have any pics or reviews of any, but have been to a few like The Red Room and The Palms. Both of those places seat 100 or more and have nightly entertainment. That’s only two places out of SO many. I’m back the last two weeks of may and will post some for you. Take care!

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