Street Pictures around Old Town and El Centro

The streets around Old Town and El Centro are mostly cobblestone and I love the rustic vibe these areas carry with them. The light casts wonderful shadows on the buildings and I carry my iPhone to capture these beautiful street views. Most of my pictures now are from my iPhone as it’s handy to carry rather than a big camera around my neck or shoulder.



Always carry your camera or smart phone, you never know when a picture perfect moment may arise.


2 thoughts on “Street Pictures around Old Town and El Centro

  1. I have only read your blog for 5 minutes and I am all ready hooked. Thank-you! My husband and I are staying at the Grand Miramar in Conchas Chinas Feb6-13/16. We LOVE to explore places although could only get away for a week of R & R. Question? Can we walk to Los Muertos from our hotel safely? How about night walking? What should we pay for a cab from down town? Thanks so very much Terry:) Roz,

    • Hi Roz, thanks for the comment. I have never been up to the Grand Miramar but looking on the map, I would say you could walk to Los Muertos pretty safely and it would take approximately 40 minutes. It would be a bit steep so I would recommend some good walking shoes. Returning, I’d recommend taking a taxi and there are plenty of taxi’s in Old Town around Los Muertos beach. A taxi will cost you 40 to 50 pesos as you would be going from one zone to a connecting one. BUT, I always confirm the price of the taxi before I get in because if you feel it’s too high, offer less or go to another taxi. They aren’t always consistent there and sometimes take advantage of newbies to the area 😉 At night I would probably cab it both ways. But once you are down in Old Town it’s totally safe walking around at night. Also, a great spot on Los Muertos beach is Swell, south of the pier and next to La Palapa. They have a great menu with very good food. Have a wonderful trip!

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