An Afternoon in El Pitillal

When we bought our condo a few years ago, we took a trip out to a neighbourhood behind Walmart called El Pitillal. I remembered narrow streets filled with little stores, small eateries and mini markets, school kids in uniforms and people chatting on the street corners. It was a place that stuck with me and I knew I would like to return and explore.



El Pitillal is an area relatively untouched by tourism and feels like real Mexico. Here you will find a central square and large church, Church of San Miguel Archangel, tiny shops filled with clothes, shoes, fresh vegetables, butcher shops and even a pet store (which was kind of hard to visit as it’s totally different than the ones back home in Canada).



Getting to El Pitillal is easy. If you are in Old Town, head to Basillo Badillo street and flag down a bus that says El Pitillal on the front windshield, pay your 7.5 peso fare and enjoy the ride for about 40 minutes. I did, however, confirm with the driver of the destination and he dropped us off a block away from the main square which was nice.

So, grab your day pack, hop on the El Pitillal bus and visit this charming neighbourhood to see how the locals live. It’s a pleasant day trip for everyone.




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