Accessory Shopping in Puerto Vallarta

Shopping in Puerto Vallarta can be quite the adventure. There is more to see than those stalls full of t-shirts, beaded necklaces and inexpensive silver jewelry that you see at the markets. Hop on a bus for 7.5 pesos and check out another neighbourhood, you never know what you will find.


In our case, we took the bus to Walmart which we have done numerous times. This time though, we got out early to see this shop Victor has wanted to check out for, oh about 10 years now. It didn’t disappoint except for the prices, they were outrageous! But it was nice to look regardless.



After the over priced Mexican store, we walked about 20 minutes further on, passing Walmart and the new mall until we hit a big white 3 storey accessory store. Now we have shopped here before, just for interest sake. But today Victor wanted to to look to see if new stock had arrived or if it was the same old same old.


As you can see, there was quite the selection of…ahem…interesting artifacts. Like, a giant tube of lipstick or a shapely and sexy chair perhaps?



Getting our fill of tacky and finding only a small selection of gems, we walked back to the mall…yes we went to the mall. Victor wanted to show our friend a very nice furniture store but unfortunately it was in the process of going out of business. Victor did find a beautiful T-shirt on sale at the clothing store across the way. Other stores consisted of Lacoste, a sunglasses store, Liverpool and a few others we didn’t stop in.

There you go folks, if you’re wanting to get a shopping day in check out these places. You never know what you will find.


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