Family Activities in Puerto Vallarta

With a family trip to Puerto Vallarta on the horizon, it was necessary to start researching some activities that we could all enjoy. There will be my parents in their early sixties, my sister and brother-in-law (and myself) in their early forties, and my two nieces, one a pre-teen and the oldest a teenager. So, with the age difference, the activities need to be engaging enough for restless teenagers yet not overly strenuous for the older crowd.

I have always had luck and a good time with Vallarta Adventures. These guys really know the Puerto Vallarta area and all it has to offer. We’ve done the Los Caletas tour (a couple times) and the canopy tour, both being fantastic day trips. The tour guides are funny, value safety about everything, speak perfect English and are good with kids as well as older travelers. I have heard many great things about the Rhythms of the Night excursion so that was my first pick for the group. We are booked for next week!

Another activity I have always wanted to do is the baby turtle release. There are numerous adventure companies that offer this and even some of the hotels as well. With a few to choose from, I went to Tripadvisor to see what the public had to say. The top of the list was Superior Tours Vallarta which was great because their office is close to our condo and they bring you back to your condo afterwards so it’s very convenient. The family said yes to this so we are booked for next week as well. I think this will be a wonderful tour for all ages.

With two excursions on our calendar, I needed to find one more activity to fill the week. With a few things to choose from, I picked the Puerto Vallarta Botanical Gardens. It will be a casual day but is something I’ve always wanted to see. Plus, coming out of the rainy season I hope the gardens will be full and plush. We will take a bus there and back which will be an adventure as well!

Along with the above excursions, we’ll fill the days touring the Malecon, shopping along the River Cuale and El Centro, and have a few afternoons on the beach where we can barter with the beach merchants or perhaps get a foot massage. The kids will enjoy playing in the ocean while the adults have a few drinks as well.

As our vacation unfolds, I’ll get back into blogging (it’s been a while) our adventures and tell you all about it. I would love to hear what family adventures you have done in Puerto Vallarta so drop me a line below!


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