Staying Healthy and Fit in Puerto Vallarta

Staying healthy is a main priority of ours no matter where we are and it’s important to fit some sort of physical activity into our day whether its going for a long walk, swimming or a workout at the gym. Being in Puerto Vallarta, I tend to over indulge in food and alcohol so working out becomes a necessity. Fortunately, our condo complex has a small but adequate gym with a treadmill, stationary bike, a weight machine and dumbbells up to 30 pounds. However, this trip our complex is upgrading our complex gym and its pretty much out of commission. This led us to search out the other gyms in our area with the top gym (we think anyway) called The Fit Club


Found in Emilano Zapata just before the river, The Fit Club is easy walking distance from our place and best of all…air conditioned! The gym has everything such as personal trainers, a juice bar, weight machines, free weights, cardio machines galore, good music to motivate, a fitness studio for classes like yoga and Zumba, lockers, showers and a steam room.


Prices vary but you can buy a single or a multiple pass or, if you are staying longer, week and monthly memberships. Of course the longer pass or membership you purchase, the less expensive it becomes per day. To cut down on our costs, we would bring our own towel, water bottle and small backpack that we carried around with us machine to machine.


So do yourself a favour and stay active, eat well and drink lots of water. You’ll feel better overall and in return, have a better vacation in Puerto Vallarta!



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