Christmas Day at Los Muertos Beach

What does one do on Christmas Day in Puerto Vallarta? Why, we head to the beach of course. Because Puerto Vallarta is a top tourist destination over the holidays, most everything stays open and even the restaurants have a special menu as well. Since that is the case, it is easy to occupy your time if the beach is not your thing.

For our day, however, we trundled down to the El Dorado around noon. Much to our surprise the beach was super crowded and there was not a spot to be had. We found a table near the back and started to get comfortable when one of the servers came up to us and said one of the reserved spots (yes you can reserve beach chairs and tables) came open and we could have it. Jackpot! We were able to sit on a sofa like chair under an umbrella at the front of their beach! It could not have been more perfect.

As you can see from the pictures, Los Muertos was the place to be and the weather was beautiful. Another day in paradise, as they say.




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