Malecon fun at Cheeky Monkey

I have always heard good things about the Cheeky Monkey, a second level restaurant found right on the malecon. The vibe is focused on having fun, $1 cervezas and margaritas, a magnificent ocean view and big portioned plates.


Victor had caught a flu bug and wasn’t feeling well so it was up to me to take his relatives out for the day. I decided we would do some shopping along the river, walk the malecon and have lunch at Cheeky Monkey. One thing I have found is that for people who have never been to Puerto Vallarta, or Mexico for that matter, you have to ease them into Mexican food. I love the food here and could eat it every day, but for newbies they still like to have a bit of Canada in their food. Here, I knew, would be hamburgers with french fries or other American dishes they would enjoy.


Up the side entrance we went, taking the stairs to the second level. Luckily we were able to sit and an open table rot at the railing so we could enjoy the wonderful ocean view, oh and to people watch of course! The staff are friendly guys who make your stay enjoyable and keep the drinks full. Well, at a dollar a drink its hard not to stop.


The menu has something for everyone. We started off with a plate of bruschetta (next time we will try the onion rings as they looked incredible) then ordered our entrées. The relatives had chicken and veggies, a meatball sub and fries, and I had the pancetta spinach salad. But I should have asked for chicken instead of pancetta and I’m sure the kitchen would have obliged. Nonetheless, it was pretty good.


Now this is not fine dining but rather simple food for the masses. Like I mentioned earlier, it’s a fantastic place to bring newbies or if you just want a break from walking the malecon.



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