Big Flavor and Big Value at Seafood Restaurant Embarcadero

On a recommendation from a full time resident at Selva Romantica, we decided to grab a light lunch down the street from the condo at Embarcadero before heading out for the afternoon. This small seafood restaurant is off Olas Altas on Francisca Rodriguez street, just before the pier.

Embarcadero menu

Embarcadero menu

Now this restuarant may be small, but the plates are large and very reasonably priced. As we were just wanting a small lunch, two of us decided to share the fajitas. I know, being a seafood place you’d think we’d order fish. However, Victor did order the shrimp burrito and it was excellent…and very large. The fajitas were excellent and, truthfully, could have been shared between three people with 2 small fajitas each.

Steak Fajitas

Steak Fajitas…at a Seafood restuarant. I know, but I love steak fajitas!

The owner, Maria Duenas, was at the restaurant and came by our table to ask how everything was to which we replied “Muy bien!!”. Then as a special treat, we were treated with a little dish of ice cream at the end of our meal. How special! Thank you Maria for a pleasant and extra special lunch.

Victor and owner Maria

Victor and owner Maria

Embarcadero is open for lunch and dinner. I was able to snap this picture one night when we walked by and it looked quite busy. Please stop in here, the servers are very friendly, the food is excellent and the prices are reasonable considering its almost beach front property.

Night shot of Embarcadero

Night shot of Embarcadero


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