Derby City Burgers in Old Town

Derby Burger Sign

Derby City Burger Sign

If you are wanting a big, fat, delicious burger and crisp french fries then look no further than Derby City Burgers. This small restaurant, located in Old Town right on Olas Altas, serves up the best burgers in town.

Derby Burger on Olas Altas, with Victor patiently waiting.

Derby City Burgers on Olas Altas

We had been wanting to go for a while and finally on our last visit we did it. In fact, we made it a point to go and planned our entire evening around this small and popular dining spot. So on our last night in Puerto Vallarta instead of going for fine dining at La Palapa, we headed on down to Derby Burger where we ordered a cerveza, burger and fries and watched the crowds go by. The owner was there too so we had a good chat with him as well. There is seating inside but I recommend sitting outside on the patio as it’s cooler and more interactive with passersby.


A traditional burger with cheese and sweet potato fries.

Although the burgers are the star of the show, there are also salads which I have seen pictures of and they too are spectacular.


3 thoughts on “Derby City Burgers in Old Town

  1. Hi Shane, I am not the owner of Derby City Burgers. I am only a tourist to Puerto Vallarta like you and write about places I’ve been. Sorry to hear about your experience.

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