Hanging out at Boca Beach

The beach at Boca de Tomatlan is a relaxing way to spend the afternoon, away from the crowds, peddlers and noise at other popular beaches. While there are still peddlers, it’s one every 20 minutes versus one every 3 like at Los Muertos. And you’ll have your choice of fresh or salt water as this is where the Horcones River empties into the ocean. You will notice in the pictures below the kids playing in the fresh water stream. Have a dip in the ocean then rinse yourself off in the river before relaxing with a cerveza.


One thing to stay aware of is the strong current that can quickly pull you out to sea as we found out. One minute we were bobbing around in the ocean and the next we were quite far out in the bay. Lucky I remembered to swim cross current so as not to tire ourselves out swimming back to the beach. But it was a little shocking how far we drifted out I such a short period of time.


As you probably read in my earlier posts, getting to Boca is a 7 peso bus ride and takes about 40 minutes, give or take depending on traffic or road construction. Hop on a bus in Old Town that says Mismaloya/Boca on the front and sit on the drivers side to stay out of the sun as it can get quite warm.



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