Blue Chairs

Blue Chairs Hotel, a popular gay hotel and beach club, is located directly on Los Muertos beach near the south end. Walking south along the beach you will be able to find the hotel and beach club easily by seeing hundreds of blue chairs, not to mention a multitude of buff men in skimpy swimwear.


If you happen to find your self at the beach club, enjoy some cocktails, food, music and friendly conversation with the guests. You’re sure to have a good time and meet some friendly folk from all around the world. When it gets too hot, go for a swim and ride the waves as they are pretty big at this side of the beach.


The hotel is located in the heart of Old Town, easy walking distance to restaurants, lounges, shopping and discotheques. But don’t walk too far for the hotel also has a rooftop lounge and patio that overlooks the entire bay. While this lounge is calm during the day, once the late afternoon rolls around it becomes a disco diva where anything could happen.



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