Los Arcos Islands

Located just south of Puerto Vallarta and near Mismaloya lies the Los Arcos Islands and marine park. These islands and the surrounding protected marine preserve offers reefs, tunnels, caves and arches filled with a wide variety of marine life.

Los Arcos

One of the solid islands. In the summer, the islands are covered with birds.

There are numerous tours to be found which will take one out to these ancient islands. The islands are now a favorite place for recreation such as snorkeling or kayaking. The name, Los Arcos, comes from the actual shape the three largest islands have, tunnels that small boats and kayaks can actually fit under, which replicates the appearance of natural arches.

Los Arcos

One of the longer islands.Los Arcos

I was able to snap these pictures while on the way to Las Coletas with Vallarta Adventures. This is a popular area for tourism but I have to wonder just how well the area is protected. Ecosystems are sensitive and if there is a large amount of snorkeling, diving and boat tours, it makes me wonder if these additional stresses are affecting the marine park. The best thing we can do is be respectful to this natural wonder for future generations to come.

Los Arcos

Los Arcos, one of the islands with a tunnel underneath.


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