Birds of Paradise

Being from Canada, there are a number of birds around Puerto Vallarta and Yelepa that I am not familiar with. Here’s some photos of local birds I’ve seen during my walks around both towns.

These birds hang out along the River Cuale and supposedly in the mornings you can see quite a number of them resting in the trees. I happened to be walking over the bridge and saw these two resting, making a perfect photo op.


In Yalepa while visiting John Thompson, a well known local artist, we came across this relative of the mocking bird we have in Canada. John pointed out that this bird is rare and I was lucky to get a good shot.


These two pink birds were spotted up in one of the trees as we were making our way back to the beach. John pointed them out to us and said these also were rare! It really was our lucky day.


While not as pretty as the birds listed above, these big birds reminded me of turkeys or vultures and were hanging around the river bed in Yalepa.


Does anyone know what type of birds the these are? Let me know in the comments!


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