Restaurant La Hacienda

A favorite breakfast spot of mine is Restaurant La Hacienda located at 388 Lazardo Cardenas, directly across from the Parroquia de la Santa Cruz (Sacred Cross Parish) church. Now we have probably walked by this restaurant a hundred times without noticing. That is the beauty of Puerto Vallarta, you could walk up and down a street numerous times and there are always new things to discover. Most of the buildings in the old town have a small entrance but open into this beautiful and large courtyard. You just never know what is behind a door here!

La Hacienda entrance

La Hacienda entrance

Thanks to our snowbird friends Anne and Terry who recommended we give it a try, we had a pleasant surprise. As you walk in the main door, the restaurant opens into a lush and tropical courtyard. The waiters are dressed all in white and professional. The menu is authentic Mexican cuisine with inexpensive pricing. What I thought was great is they have a fresh smoothie and juicing bar. The coffee is excellent with a hint of cinnamon too.



Interesting facts, La Hacienda was a family hacienda that specialized in fine dining. The open air garden was converted into a seating area and the hacienda turned into a dinner house. When you go to the washroom, you can still see there is a bathtub which I assume was the family’s main bathroom. The nephew had taken over the dinner house and decided to convert to a breakfast restaurant only.

A good hearty Mexican breakfast

A good hearty Mexican breakfast

La Hacienda is one of our top breakfast places in Puerto Vallarta. It’s a place you can relax and enjoy traditional Mexican comfort food in a serene environment. I’m sure you will be a return customer like us!


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