El Rio BBQ-Bar

Sunday we hopped on a bus and headed up the Rio Cuale to the El Rio BBQ-Bar in the Paso Ancho area. Sunday has the buffet full of slow roasted barbecued meats and a good spread of salads, quesadillas, and appetizers, all at a very reasonable price of $120 pesos. You can easily spend a full afternoon here as it is on the river, the mariachi band is outstanding and there is plenty of food and drinks to go around.


The restaurant is outdoors and has a couple levels. The first is a seating area under a large palapa and near the buffet. The second is up a couple steps and sort of a look out seating area. The last seating area is down a few steps and where one can lounge after swimming in the river.


Make sure you have some tip money for the mariachi band, they are spectacular! You will see violins, singers, trumpets and guitars. The outfits are beautiful and on request will croon out your favorite song.



Head to El Rio if you get a chance, especially for the Sunday buffet. It does not disappoint.


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