Taco stands

Ok, who goes to Mexico and doesn’t eat at one of the gazillion taco stands? Well I didn’t my first time visiting but that is not true anymore. In fact, we eat at taco stands every day we here in PV. Whether its for lunch, dinner or a late night snack (sometimes reeeeally late) a taco is the way to go. I have been told that the locals even go to taco stands for breakfast! I’ll have to give that a try sometime but for the time being i will stick with my regular fruit smoothie.

There are 4 taco stands that we hit every time we are at our condo. The first is Marisma’s. This is a fish taco stand where they make their own tortilla shells. It really is outstanding and I cannot give it enough praise. By far one of our favorites. They even have their own website www.marismafishtaco.com. It’s tucked away but easy to find as its just before before the tunnel going out of old town.


Takos Panchos is our absolutely favorite place to eat at night. Love love love it. Its super easy to locate and a few blocks from our condo. It’s on the corner of Olas Atlas and Basillo Badillo, actually just a few stores up on Basillo Badillo. It only opens at night and is a sit down taco place. But oh man it’s delicious.

Two other stands we frequent are also good but more of a stop if we are super hungry and need a quick bite. One just a block down from our place right on Olas Atlas just before the pier and it’s called El Cunado. The other is called Meat Tacos and Quesadillas and on the corner of Basillo Badillo and I.L. Vallarta. This stand is only open at night and is run by a couple ladies that are really nice. Its a great late night stand to catch a bite after a night on the town.


2 thoughts on “Taco stands

  1. Just was i was looking for, Andrea and I are starving and want to eat for less, I remembered this blog and voila!!!!! going to ask andrea which one she wants…. cheers!!!

  2. They are all good so enjoy! We tried another one at Christmas right across from the Farmacia Guadalaraja. It was open for lunch and is more of a sit down place. Check it out too.

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