New Malecon

There’s a new malecon in town! Actually, it’s the same one but just renovated, bigger and much much nicer. We were fortunate to be in puerto Vallarta just after it reopened back in October. I have to say, it’s a pleasure to walk along and see the many sculptures and shops that line the malecon. Great for an afternoon walk or frankly its great any time of the day. Enjoy one of the many sculpture informative walks that are offered, just google and you shall find.
Also along the malecon are artists that create magnificent sand sculptures. Make a donation as u walk by, it’s greatly appreciated and goes right to the artist. A lot of the time the artist is right there and I’ve had a few interesting conversations. After all, it’s Puerto Vallarta where there is no rush so stop and say hi.

One thing that I should mention is free wifi now exists along the malecon. I have yet to try it out and next time I’m there I’ll make a post to tell how it is. But how great is that, especially in the world of iPads, iPhones and everything “i”.


4 thoughts on “New Malecon

  1. Hey Terry,

    Amazing job! I cannot wait now to give PV a try! You are really good at this my friend and I can see you as travel correspondent. Actually you two could start a new business – Victor can design the hotels and you can review them ;o) Congrats on a truly great site!


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