Release the Kraken!!!

Or in our case, release the baby turtles!

When my family came to visit me in Puerto Vallarta, I started planning excursions that we could all enjoy. Releasing newly hatched baby turtles into the ocean seemed like a wonderful family activity. Tripadvisor ranked Superior Tours Vallarta as a top tour guide in Puerto Vallarta and that’s who I booked with.

On a side note, Superior Tours Vallarta has airport pick up service which I booked for the family and we were totally happy with their friendly service. Astrid is an owner of Superior Tours Vallarta and also was our driver. She made my family feel very welcome, handed out nice cold bottle water and told us points of interest on the way to our condo. After our friendly and professional airport pick up, I knew we were in good hands for our turtle release excursion later that week.

The turtle release tours are evening excursions because less predators are about to snatch up the babies as they scramble across the beach and into the ocean. On the night of our booked tour, I made the family dinner and then made our way to Superior Tours office situated in Old Town just a few blocks from our condo.

Astrid was our driver and a marine biologist was our guide. Unfortunately I cannot remember her name, but she was wonderful and very knowledgeable. Thankfully, as it was November and still very hot and humid, the van had air conditioning and Astrid again handed out cold waters for everyone. After a 30 minute or so drive up to Nuevo Vallarta to the turtle sanctuary, everyone got out and made our way to the beach.

The turtle sanctuary in Nuevo.

The turtle sanctuary in Nuevo.

Information sign about the turtles.

Information sign about the turtles.

Our guide first gave us information about the turtles and their different species. We had a blue bin filled with little babies that had hatched that day, ready and eager to start their life in the ocean.

Baby turtles ready to be released into the ocean.

Baby turtles ready to be released into the ocean.

We picked them up, after cleaning our hands of course, and set them down in the sand. The waves came up, caught them and off they went. It was very cute and quite a beautiful experience. The entire family enjoyed this moment and will be a treasured moment for all.

Family releasing baby turtles into the wild.

Family releasing baby turtles into the wild.

After all the babies were released, we walked the beach to look for mother turtles coming up to lay their eggs. Unfortunately there were none so we hopped in the van and made our way back to Old Town for a late night snack of tacos…a perfect ending to a wonderful day.

Where to find Almond Milk in Puerto Vallarta.

Ok, so this isn’t the most exciting post but it’s important for all you lactose intolerant, vegan or non dairy milk drinkers out there. Almond milk is a great substitute for dairy milk and is something we use every day in our morning smoothie so I feel it’s deserving of it’s own post, don’t you?

Lots of milk here at Ley.

Lots of milk here at Ley.

Almond milk can be tricky to find as it doesn’t seem to be as popular in Puerto Vallarta as it is back home in Canada. We did, however, find the small rectangle boxes at Walmart, Ley and Organics. Walmart, we have heard, does not always stock almond milk and they were $31.30 pesos. Organics, which is found on the right hand side of the road coming out of the small tunnel into Old Town, was the most expensive at approximately $80 pesos. Ley stocked it as well and sold it for $40.50 pesos. I have heard Costco does have it in stock sometimes, which I’m guessing would be the cheapest.

If you know of any other place that sells almond milk, or other non-dairy milk, let me know with a comment below. Gracias!

An Afternoon in El Pitillal

When we bought our condo a few years ago, we took a trip out to a neighbourhood behind Walmart called El Pitillal. I remembered narrow streets filled with little stores, small eateries and mini markets, school kids in uniforms and people chatting on the street corners. It was a place that stuck with me and I knew I would like to return and explore.



El Pitillal is an area relatively untouched by tourism and feels like real Mexico. Here you will find a central square and large church, Church of San Miguel Archangel, tiny shops filled with clothes, shoes, fresh vegetables, butcher shops and even a pet store (which was kind of hard to visit as it’s totally different than the ones back home in Canada).



Getting to El Pitillal is easy. If you are in Old Town, head to Basillo Badillo street and flag down a bus that says El Pitillal on the front windshield, pay your 7.5 peso fare and enjoy the ride for about 40 minutes. I did, however, confirm with the driver of the destination and he dropped us off a block away from the main square which was nice.

So, grab your day pack, hop on the El Pitillal bus and visit this charming neighbourhood to see how the locals live. It’s a pleasant day trip for everyone.